3 Strategies To 10x Your Following With Guest Posting

SO, you're thinking of guest posting? Smart move.  

First things first, make sure you've downloaded The Ultimate Guest Posting Checklist. It's my step by step guide that will take you through the process of pitching, landing and writing guest posts that convert like CRAZY.

The Ultimate Guest Posting Checklist


Got your copy of the checklist? Great. Let's dig into some of my favourite tried and tested guest posting strategies!

Are you getting the most out of your guest posts? Here's three strategies that will explode you email list!

1. Follow your dream readers to guest posting gigs.

I see so many content creators going about finding guest posting gigs in completely the wrong way.

If you want to attract your dream readers to your content (who doesn't?), you need to know exactly who they are and where they're already hanging out online. 

Beginner guest posters usually send out a load of pitches to the biggest websites in their niche, even if they don't enjoy the content that's already published there. 

The problem with this is, if you don't LOVE the content shared by the website your hoping to write for, your dream readers probably won't either. That's not where they're hanging out and the guest post wont convert like you hoped. 

Think about it like this...

Imagine you set up a new brick and mortar cupcake store and your dream customers are super nerdy computer gamers.  You go to the busiest part of town to give away some free samples of your cakes, but whilst lots of people try your cupcakes, they don't really seem that interested. They don't GET your vibe. 

What if instead you targeted your dream customers directly and go to the video game store... everyone there is RAVING about your cupcakes and can't wait to come to you to buy some more!

There were LESS people at the game store but the customer conversion was HIGHER. THat's why it's SO important to focus on the QUALITY over the quantity of leads. 

Do you get it? Guest Posting isn't a desperate attempt to get any kind of traffic to your site, it's a laser focused strategy that allows you to accelerate the growth of your following. Instead of waiting for your audience to find you, you go out and find them! 


2. Make your guest post RESULTS focused.

So you've found the perfect guest posting gig and now you've got your one opportunity to show your dream audience how amazing your content is.

This is where people start to panic.

You want to show off how knowledgable you are so you splurge as much information as you can down onto the page. BUT whilst your biggest fan (aka. your mum) might wade through that post to get to the end, a new reader is likely to be less committed. 

When you're writing for a new audience it's important to keep their required commitment LOW and their pay off HIGH. 

That means emphasise the RESULTS they will gain by reading your article and make it as EASY as possible for them to digest the information that you're sharing.

Here's some RESULT focused guest post title examples for you:

- How To X in Y Days

- The Ultimate Guide To X

- 3 Ways To Make Your X

- Why Your X Isn't Working (+ 3 Things To Do About It) 

- 3 Insanely Useful Things You Can Do For Your X TODAY. 

- The Step By Step, Beginners Guide To Setting Up Your First X 

- 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Your Starting X

- The Comprehensive Tech Tutorial For Using X

BONUS TIP - You can help them visualise the results with 'before' and 'after' images, specific statistics, screenshots e.t.c

Here's some ideas for making your guest post easy peasy to read:

  1. Clear headings and paragraph divisions
  2. Images
  3. Lists
  4. Multi-media
  5. Examples
  6. Case Studies

3. Nail the conversion with a killer content upgrade

Remember that cupcake analogy from earlier?

Well here's the trick. When you give your dream customer a FREE cupcake you don't just sit tight and hope they'll visit you. Instead you give them a voucher for ANOTHER free cupcake they can redeem in store. This way you'll ensure that the customer is definitely going to make the effort to walk through your door. 

When you're guest posting you need to do exactly the same. You need to provide an IRRESISTIBLE bread crumb trail back to your website in the form of a FREE downloadable resource...the content upgrade. 

Now here's the thing. There's a lot of shitty content upgrades out there. No one needs another workbook with no real added value.

(Content Upgrades that offer REAL VALUE are time consuming to create. That's why in my e-course Guest Post Like An Expert, I guide my students through the process of developing a content funnel around ONE super valuable EVERGREEN content upgrade. Get this right and you only have to do the work ONCE.)

Want more info on how to make your content upgrades not shitty? Stay tuned. I'm going to follow up later this week with a comprehensive guide on how to make sure yours is insanely useful and IRRESISTIBLE to your readers. 

BUT DON'T FORGET - You can start guest posting like a total pro TODAY with The Ultimate Guest Posting Checklist!

The Ultimate Guest Posting Checklist

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