How I Doubled My List By Writing ONE Article

Today I wanted to share a moment that changed everything for my business.

I'd been working overtime, trying literally ANY strategy I could find but my email list continued to grow at a snail pace. I was barely hitting 100 subscribers.

Then I tried my first guest post...

You don't need to make more content. It's time to start positioning the content you ALREADY have. You can have MORE time and MORE subscribers with guest posting.


I totally screwed it up (ZERO strategy and no conversion funnel) but over the next few days I gained 100 new subscribers.

I couldn't believe it.

I'd literally DOUBLED my list with just one article.


From that moment on I ditched all the time wasting strategies I'd been trying for years and began focusing on guest posting. 

I was having the BEST time connecting and collaborating with my favourite content creators and my email list continued to grow exponentially. 


Now it's your turn...

So you're ready to become and expert and grow your email list? 

Here's  3 awesome resources to help you along the way:


1. The Ultimate Guest Posting Checklist 

The go to resource for pitching, landing and writing guest posts that convert like CRAZY. 

The Ultimate Guest Posting Checklist


2.  3 Strategies To 10X Your Following With Guest Posting

I share 3 actionable strategies for making sure you get the most out of your guest posts here.


3. Guest Post Like An Expert

 If you're ready really ready to take your content strategy to the next level then look no further than my e-course: Guest Post Like An Expert

Guest Post Like An Expert